7 Hand Soaps That Will Leave Your Guests Impressed

Story source: Better Living

No bathroom is complete without hand soap. So, why not go all out to impress your guests with a soap that is so intoxicating that it will knock their socks off?

You’ve chosen an attractive soap and lotion dispenser to adorn your bathroom, so filling it with a product that does it justice is the way to go. Here are some hand soaps that are sure to make a great impression with visitors.

  1. Heady scents like Moroccan amber
    There are some fragrances that beg to be smelled! Their woodsy notes make the whole space smell rich, warm and clean. This kind of soap would be particularly well-suited to a man’s bathroom since it has a distinct masculine appeal.
  2. Shea butter
    Anything with the word “butter” in it is bound to be rich and moisturizing. Shea butter soap will drench your guests’ skin in thick lather, leaving their hands ultra smooth and soft when rinsed off. They will appreciate the extra care taken when you chose this soap for your soap and lotion dispenser.
  3. Botanicals 
    Natural soaps like green tea or aloe and cucumber are really appreciated by people. They are light smelling and ultra cleansing and infused with rich emollients that are friendly to sensitive skin as well.
  4. Sweets for the sweet
    Honey, orange, raspberry, pear and other delicious tidbits make soap sound delicious. And sweet smelling soaps are truly delectable for dry hands as well. They smell like they’ve just come out of the beehive or the orchard.
  5. Lavender and other florals
    Gone are the days of Grandma’s overpowering rose smelling soap. Today’s florals are relaxing and aromatic. For instance, lavender can transport you to Provençe in an instant and has natural antibacterial properties. These scents would work perfectly in your soap and lotion dispenser.
  6. Natural coconut
    The best soaps are free from chemicals like paraben, petroleum and phosphates. Soap made with pure coconut milk not only cleanses gently but will restore moisture to dry, sore skin.
  7. Stars from the sea
    How fitting to have a soap in the bathroom that smells like the sea! Soaps that are derived from natural minerals from the earth – in this instance the sea – are friendly to the environment as well as to your skin. They smell wonderful as well, especially when infused with citrusy or spicy scents like lemon or rosemary.

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