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Image: Phoenix Tapware NX Cape & Alia Collections

People are particular about their showers—it’s a place to escape, a place to recharge and a place to relax. Here are some quick and clean tips (they can’t be quick and dirty—we’re talking about showers here) to help you pick the best shower for your needs.

The important factors in choosing a shower:

There are so many things to consider: the look, the feel, the functionality, the efficiency. Some people like soft pressure, some like hard pressure; some like feeling like they’re under a waterfall, some want to be in and out in two minutes.

One of the most important things to consider is functionality. Only you know what you like; so you need a shower that matches. If you take long showers to ease out those aches and pains, then you’re going to want one with a wide array of spray patterns for different needs. But you’re also going to want efficiency—both for the sake of the environment and for your water bills.

But you might be the kind of person who just needs a quick dip to wake up in the morning. In that case, you might be able to compromise a little on efficiency for the sake of a good, jolting showering experience.

But the look of your shower is important too:

Showers come in all shapes, styles and colours these days. There are two main factors to consider here: the first is obviously your personal preference—you want something that matches your personality.

Image: Phoenix Tapware NX Cape & Toi Collections

But you also need something that’s going to match with your existing bathroom aesthetic. A modern design in an older bathroom might look a little out of place, for example. But who knows? You might be going for something out of the ordinary. After all, you’re the one who’s going to be using it.

Another good tip is to match shapes. If you use a lot of round shapes and soft edges in your choice of bathroom accessories and décor, then opt for the same shapes and look in your choice of shower design.

Finding the perfect shower experience:
The most specific part of your shower choice is in the feel of the water spray itself. You need a water spray experience that’s going to best suit your needs.

Focused, sparse, intense, soft, wide, shallow—these days there’s every option imaginable. If you’re something specific, then this is a critical decision. A strong water spray, for example, will provide a focused and intense shower, whereas a softer water spray will allow for amore spa-like, relaxing feel.

Image: Phoenix Tapware NX Showers 

The NX shower range:

Our Phoenix NX Showers range makes choosing a shower easy. Our Melbourne in-house design team have crafted a truly inspiring range of showers which features three collections, NX Cape, NX Quil, and NX Vive.

Each collection features a different, unique design and showering experience; whether that be the bold style of NX Cape with its strong and immersive shower spray, the elegant form of NX Quil which offers a dense droplet-like water fall, or the contemporary design of NX Vive with its invigorating showering sensation.

Each member of the NX family is made up of quality parts such as velvet touch hoses, brass components and low profile nozzles, and well considered characteristics such as grey or black detailing and easy to operate push button diverters.

Image: Phoenix Tapware NX Showers

To top this off, the NX Showers are backed by a lifetime warranty, which is a testament to their design and engineering quality.

Just step in and let freedom rain.

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