Does Your Bedroom Need … a Bathtub?

Story source: Better Living

Here’s a charming touch for the master bedroom you may not have thought of: a big, sculptural bathtub where you can soak your cares away before bedtime. Sound crazy? Perhaps. Nonetheless, a bath in the bedroom is one of those trends that’s getting some attention.

If you’ve traveled abroad, a tub right in the bedroom is not uncommon. When you think about it, whoever came up with it is really onto something.

Most of us lack space in the bathroom to properly showcase one of these tubs. But if your bedroom has some size to it, a bath in the bedroom may be an idea that deserves serious thought. The bedroom, after all, is a place to relax, get cozy, shut out the world and spend time with your partner.

A deep, claw-footed bathtub is definitely an amenity that invites you to relax, transforming your bedroom into a true retreat. Just slide in, have a chin-deep soak, towel off and climb right into bed. Include the freestanding Sette Double Towel stand, and you’ll have an elegant solution for drying off.

Of course, there’s much to consider before you start tub shopping. If you’re planning to install one right in the bedroom, things like plumbing and proper flooring must be considered. But with the help of a reputable contractor, a bath in your bedroom is one feature that can help you create the oasis of your dreams!


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