From Toilet Seats to Towels, Your Bathroom Squabbles Resolved

Article source: Better Living

Leave the toilet seat up or keep it down? Do you hang toilet paper over or under? How often should towels be washed — after every shower, or is weekly good enough? If you’re constantly feeling irritated with your partner because the two of you don’t align on one or more of these bathroom protocols, it can quickly sour a good mood.

Don’t worry. We have answers that will shed a light of truth on these age-old murky questions and settle things once and for all.

Toilet seat
We get it. Leaving the toilet seat up all the time is a practical solution, especially for those who stand. However … leaving the toilet seat down, lid and all, especially before flushing, is actually much cleaner for the bathroom. Because a wide-open seat can lead to the toilet plume effect. Meaning, the flush of a toilet shoots microbes into the air that settle on multiple bathroom surfaces. Yuck! To minimize microbes, lower the lid.

Toilet paper
Some of us get hard-wired in our toilet paper hanging habits. If your partner is your opposite and won’t budge, it can drive you to distraction.Here are a couple of big advantages to letting it roll over from the top: The end is always visible and in reach, plus you don’t have to touch the wall to get to it — making it a cleaner solution. Besides, as shown in the original patent for the toilet paper hanger, the inventor’s intention was over the top.

Every time you use a towel, you leave behind microbes that can multiply and grow, which makes a great case for switching towels after each use. Still, adding towels to the laundry pile every single day can pile up. A compromise — switching after every third use — is fine. Just make sure it gets completely dry. And check the care tag and wash them according to the highest recommended temperature.

Bottom line, keeping a clean and well-organized bathroom is what keeps everyone in the house happy in the long run. For starters, ROLLO Toilet Tissue Reserves from keep spare rolls visible and within reach.


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