Kewco Hotwire Underfloor Heating

Hotwire Under-Tile Heating


Under floor heating may well be the very ultimate in home heating – the most comfortable and efficient on-demand heating system available for your home.

It’s fast to heat up and is surprisingly economical to install and run. And because it radiates warmth from the entire floor area, the comfort is evenly spread and thoroughly luxurious.

Under Tile Heating is installed immediately under the tile on top of the subfloor. It offers a very quick heat up time. Your floor will typically be warm in 30 to 60 minutes (depending on insulation etc) If you are installing in a bathroom and installing a sand and cement screed you may prefer our In Screed Heating.

Heating for a room, an open living space, an entire house.

Heat a room, a living area or the whole of your home. It’s all under your control at the touch of a button.

HotWire provides beautiful, cosy, even heat for all parts of the home and is especially suitable for wet areas. It’s warmth is automatically controlled by a sophisticated, easy to use thermostat which ensures the heat is on when and where you want it.

A truly automated heating system to suit your lifestyle.

Even heat through the entire room

Hotwire provides an even heat through the entire room. Other forms of heating can have a significant difference between floor and ceiling temperature.

Kewco Hotwire warmth-diagram

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