“Never Scrub your shower screens again.. Ever!”

  • Are you fed-up with scrubbing your shower screen?
  • Has cleaning your shower become a burden?
  • Are you frustrated with your shower glass looking opaque and milky? seemingly impossible to get clean!
  • Do you want to stop spending money on harsh cleaners and having to inhale their toxic chemicals?

If you answered YES to any of these questions you need your shower glass protected with EziCleen’ s Nano Coating today!

EziCleen have a team of professional applicators to do all the work for you from the beginning to end, sit back with a cup of tea while we transform your old hard to clean shower screen back to its brand-new showroom condition, leaving you with a sparkling clean and hygienic shower which will last a lifetime.

  • Maintenance is as simple as cleaning your Teflon frypan, a 60 second spray & wipe
  • No more harsh chemicals
  • No more kneeling and bending to scrub those hard to reach places


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