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Nostalgia. A feeling of warmth toward the past.

Our Nostalgia collection is reminiscent of a return to a beautiful past, but with modern qualities that make it all the more enduring. We’ve recreated the glory and beauty of the past, without the primitive plumbing practices to accompany it. Unlike the taps Nostalgia pays tribute to, you can trust they will be around and functional for many years to come.

To celebrate the continued popularity of Nostalgia, we’ve invited a new element to the party – an authentic white lever detail. This not only adds to the ornate styling and old-world charm that Nostalgia embodies, but also makes for more versatility, suiting differing design sensibilities.

You certainly don’t need a period home full of antiques to include this collection in your bathroom or kitchen (though of course it would be perfect for it too!). Think: exposed brick in a converted warehouse, reprinted Penguin classic books sitting on wooden shelves, centuries after they were written, and a tree-dappled light filling the room with a warmth, all too familiar. The way that the old can be at home amongst the new – the way that detail works as the perfect balance to the sharp lines of modern, minimalist design. Have a modern kitchen, all marble and chrome? – These are only softened, humanised by the inclusion of Nostalgia. The gentle curves interact so gracefully with the sharp lines and geometry of modern interiors.

While Phoenix is constantly in pursuit of modern, innovative and cutting-edge design, we hold the utmost respect for craftsmanship and detail. Nostalgia is brought to you by the award-winning design team at Phoenix.

Welcome back the old and make it your kind of new. 



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