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Has your shower screen become impossible to clean? Would you like to see it sparkle like it new?

Our Friends at EziCleen Surface Protection have the answers you need and here is how it all works.

The Process – The treatment process is 4 stages:-

1. First step is restoration (if glass is not new). We will analyse your existing glass for any mineral deposits, dirt, water stains, oils, soap scum and other hidden contaminants that have been left on the surface during manufacture, installation or usage. Depending on its age, condition and previous cleaning regime, we may need to do a glass restoration which could include a light buff, medium buff or heavy buff. This can take some time and is very important. If the glass is older, we cannot guarantee the removal of stains & marks when undergoing restoration;

2. Then we prepare/clean/sterilise the glass to ensure the surface is ready for application;

3. Next we apply the first stage of the product (DF 1) and water test the surface for hydrophobic reaction. Then we re-clean and dry the surface;

4. Finally we polish in the second stage of the product (DF 2) which caps off the surface treatment and leaves the surface non-stick and more brilliant than ever before.

You are now ready to use the protected surface immediately!

The Product

The product we use for treating glass shower screens, windows, pool fences and balustrades is Diamon-Fusion® – considered by experts as the world’s best glass coating and the only patented glass coating offering a lifetime warranty.


From hard water stains, soap scum build up and calcium deposits, to environmental elements and even graffiti, fewer contaminants stick to surfaces treated with Diamon-Fusion and as such are much easier to remove. Just like a non-stick fry pan! Our world-class coating makes surfaces, such as glass, granite, tile, porcelain, and any other silica / quartz based surface up to 90% easier to clean.

Diamon Fusion increases glass brilliance by 20% and creates a more hygienic surface while eliminating the need for harsh and harmful cleaning chemicals. It also makes surfaces 10 times more scratch and impact resistant. By reducing cleaning time and improving the appearance of the surface, Diamon-Fusion makes your life easier and your glass more brilliant.


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