ThermaNiche Prefabricated Niches

ThermaNiche prefabricated niches are perfect for storing and displaying items, and are especially useful in showers, bathrooms and wet rooms.

Manufactured from a one-piece construction highdensity polystyrene core, with a liquid applied waterproof sealant that provides a ready-made waterproof substrate, ThermaNiches are versatile, easy to install and ready to tile in minutes. Guaranteed never to rot, degrade or leak, they’re perfect for those bath and shower necessities to be in exactly the position you choose.



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Sizes available:

RSN04 (90mm deep) or RSN08 (70mm deep)
Internal Measurements 235mm x 880mm
External Measurements  260mm x 905mm

RSN01 (90mm deep) or RSN05 (70mm deep)
Internal Measurements  325mm x 325mm
External Measurements  355mm x 355mm

RSN03 (90mm deep) or RSN07 (70mm deep)
Internal Measurements  330mm x 580mm
External Measurements  355mm x 605mm

RSN02 (90mm deep) or RSN06 (70mm deep)
Internal Measurements  340mm x 400mm
External Measurements  365mm x 425mm

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