Thermogroup Heated Towel Rails

Benefits of Heated Towel Rails

Transform your bathroom experience
Something as simple as an electric heated towel rail can transform the feeling of your bathroom. There is nothing like a warm, dry towel!

Luxury you can’t afford to miss
Heated towel rails were once considered a luxury, but did you know that a standard Thermorail dry electric heated towel rail can cost as little as one cent an hour to run!
This is one luxury you can’t afford to miss out on

Whether it is round or square, flat or curved, it has to be warm!
Every bathroom needs a heated towel rail. There is nothing like stepping out of a shower to a dry, warm and fluffy towel to welcome you. If you shower in the morning and the evening then a heated towel rail is the most cost effective way of ensuring the luxury of a warm, dry towel.

Add a design statement to your bathroom.
Our heated towel rails don’t just add great functionality to the room, they can help to make your bathroom a real design statement.  With the large range of options we are sure to have something that matches in with your style or colour.

More uses then just drying towels
Heated towel rails are just amazing at warming and drying towels. They can also be used for a number of other applications in your home. They are excellent for drying damp clothing such as swim suits or for warming your clothes on a dry winter morning. They are also excellent for drying “delicate” clothing that you don’t want to put in the rough tumble dryer or sun.

Why Choose Thermorail Heated Towel Rails

Designed and made to last
While many bathroom fittings are plated in a chrome finish which is prone to chipping and flaking, the Thermorail range of heated towel rails are manufactured from quality 304-grade stainless steel giving you the guarantee that it will last.

We have you covered
From the superior finish to the unseen, yet not unnoticed heating element you can have the assurance that your entire Thermorail heated towel rail is covered by our all-inclusive warranty.

Saving you water and electricity
Did you know by using a dry electric element towel rail you will actually be saving both water and electricity? Keeping your towels dry by using a heated towel rail reduces the need for continuous washing and tumble drying therefore saving water and electricity!


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