ThermoVibe, Occupy yourself & the kids, Origami Butterfly & Colouring

Original source: Weekly ThermoVibe Newsletter
Author: Rick Donald

With Easter just around the corner, we are all thinking of our family, friends & a festive weekend. Why should this year be any different? We may not be able to go out but we can stay connected with your family & friends. Cook up a storm or bake your favourite food & enjoy! Venture into your garden and have a BBQ or picnic. The most important thing is to do something special & something that you enjoy.

We trust you find this week’s ThermoVibe helpful and encouraging.

We are here to support you during these unique times. Please be free to reach out to us with any questions.

Keep safe, stay positive and all the best.


Instruction Sheet

Origami Butterfly

Have some fun making an Origami Butterfly. These are sure to brighten up your day.

Click here to download the instruction sheet.

Free download | Colouring

Colouring in for both adults & children. Use every colour in the box, or only use various shades of the one colour? The choice is yours!

Click here to download the colouring sheets.

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