Turner Hastings Anzio Inset Baths

Article Source: www.turnerhastings.com.au

Anzio Inset Baths

Turner Hastings offers two European style inset baths, the Anzio 1500 and 1700mm. They include a practical overflow, and the waste can be opened and closed by rotating the overflow cover, a great European feature.

Bath manufactured from 100% sanitary grade LUCITE acrylic. Acrylic has become the material of choice when selecting baths due to its natural warmth, ease of maintenance, resilience, and ability to be formed into soft contours. In particular, Lucite acrylic has proven to be a long-term, super-durable material for baths. It is well-known for its deep and lasting colour, will not discolour over time, superb high-gloss surface finish and texture, exceptional strength and durability, biocidal action, and design flexibility.


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