Valiryo – New product on display

Say goodbye to towels in the bathroom and hello to Valiryo, the air massage that relaxes both body and mind

The pleasure of a shower does not have to end when the tap is turned off. Extend your leisure time by letting yourself be caressed by Valiryo’s warm breeze. A well-deserved reward for your body and your spirit.

Valiryo can be used by anyone regardless size, height, weight, age… Thanks to its design and easy installation.

Install it inside the shower and unify both wet and drying zone in your bathroom.

Valiryo warm air massage is a unique relaxing experience. The air blown by its air vents creates a pleasant feeling from head to toes. Due to Valiryo’s design the user can choose between 16 different modes regulating both temperature and air speed.

Enjoy the Valiryo experience and extend your pleasure time from shower to drying.

  • PRACTICAL You will leave your shower totally dry.
  • HEALTHY More hidrated and smoother skin, as you will be avoiding the friction drying with your towel.
  • HIGIENIC Your body will be safe from all the bacteria and germs that remain in the towels. Besides, Valiryo has an anti-bacteria treatment.
  • ECOLOGIC Environmentally-friendly product, as you will be saving all the energy and water required to wash and dry the towels.
  • SPECIFIC Especially indicated for people with reduced mobility and severe skin issues.

On display now in the Kewco showroom 270 Brighton Road, Somerton Park.
Open Mon-Fri 8.30-5, Sat 9-2


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