What bathroom tool saves time and money while keeping you and the Earth healthier?

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When you’re done with the final rinse and feeling refreshed, there’s one more important step to take before exiting the shower, and it has nothing to do with cleaning your body. It’s grabbing a shower squeegee and giving your surround and shower floor a few quick swipes.

It’s so incredibly simple that many people skip using a squeegee entirely, but that can be a big mistake. What takes mere seconds can save you lots of time in the long run, plus it has plenty of other benefits to boot:

Health: Due to surface tension, your shower never really fully drains. There are always droplets that remain and this sitting water can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Even more water remains in tiled showers where grout absorbs moisture and colonies of bacteria can grow. When you squeegee, you eliminate much of this remaining water and dramatically reduce microorganism growth at the same time.

Time: After a bath or shower, dirt, body oils and soap residue stick to the tub and shower surround. Over time, this becomes rock-hard soap scum that can be incredibly difficult to remove. A squeegee routine takes less than a minute while removing tough soap scum can take hours, so save time and be proactive so you don’t spend your Saturday scrubbing.

Environmental: In addition to a time investment, deeply cleaning soap scum often requires harsh chemicals and detergents. These cleaners go into the community’s water systems and must be treated properly. Go with a squeegee for a 100 percent earth-friendly cleaning strategy instead.

Money: Finally, those harsh cleaners can be costly. Over time, that becomes a significant investment. A quality squeegee is a small investment that will last for years. Get one today, integrate it into your morning routine and you’ll enjoy the countless benefits immediately.

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