Energy bills to fall as regulator reveals draft offer

20 March

WHAT IS A DEFAULT OFFER? * The default market offer is a price cap on how much retailers can charge customers on their default energy plans * It is a reference price for market competitors, according to the energy regulator, and is what retailers...[Read More]

Work from home like a pro: tips for setting up your home office

14 March

The advent of digital technology has transformed the business landscape, ushering in a new era where working from home is no longer a rarity but a common occurrence. This shift has necessitated the need for entrepreneurs to create conducive...[Read More]

Ways to help your child with buying their first home

7 March

In today’s economic climate, it’s increasingly common to help your child with their first home.   In this article, we’re going to look at three options to help you do this.   Why not take a look at the pros and cons of each and choose the...[Read More]

A seasonal home maintenance checklist to ensure your property is in the best condition all year long

29 February

A lot of property owners take a very casual approach to the upkeep and repair of their house or building. They usually wait for something to break, clog, overflow, leak, jam or fail catastrophically before addressing the problem. Others are...[Read More]

Clifton Vanity Range from ADP Australia

22 February

Coastal inspiration! The Clifton vanity from @adpaustralia brings the perfect amount of texture to any bathroom. Now available in ‘Tasmanian Oak’ the new Thermolaminated V-Groove Cabinet finish. The full Clifton range is available in 5...[Read More]

IXL Tastic Luminate Single 3 in 1

22 February

Lift the comfort of your bathroom space to the next level with the Tastic Luminate Single! The Tastic Luminate Single 3 in 1 Bathroom Heater, Exhaust Fan & Light features a sleek and contemporary fascia design and provides superior...[Read More]

Oliveri Brushed Nickel Tapware and Accessory Range

22 February

Brushed Nickel is a sophisticated colour that seamlessly fits a variety of bathroom designs. @oliveri_solutions has a range of tapware and accessory styles in the ever-popular brushed nickel. #kewcobathroomproducts #bigpaplussomertonpark...[Read More]

Fienza Minka Solid Surface Bath

22 February

Minka- The new Solid Surface Bath from @fienza Their dreamiest bath yet. With its unique colour range this bath is sure to be show stopper. The velvet smooth matte finish is set to structurally stand the test of time. #kewcobathroomproducts...[Read More]

Oliveri Vilo Mixer Tap Bright Gold

22 February

One of @oliveri_solutions most popular design combinations. The Vilo tap is in bright gold, with gold basket waste, and the Santorini double bowl granite sink is in white. #kewcobathroomproducts #bigpaplussomertonpark #bigaplussimplybetter...[Read More]

Property investing – residential vs. commercial real estate

22 February

In the realm of property investment, prospective investors often grapple with comparing residential vs commercial real estate. Both offer viable investment opportunities, but they also come with their own unique advantages and drawbacks.   Hence,...[Read More]

Saving for the Future: Building Financial Security Step by Step

15 February

In an era where the allure of instant gratification is stronger than ever, the art of saving money seems to be fading into the background. Yet, the truth remains: most of us have aspirations that extend beyond our immediate reach, be it a new car,...[Read More]

Living pressures ease for employee households

7 February

Working families are still under acute financial pressure but fewer cash rate hikes of late has tempered growth in their overall living costs. In the 12 months to the December quarter, living costs rose 6.9 per cent for employee households, down...[Read More]

What is your “big picture” ?

1 February

Even as children, people create this big picture in their minds — a reflection of how they envision their life to be. Whether your big picture is similar to what’s called the Australian Dream (home ownership as the key to a better life) or...[Read More]

Rooftop solar pays its own way as more homes switch on

31 January

Solar power from household rooftops remains the most popular way of reducing electricity bills, market data shows. Some 2.5 gigawatts of residential solar power was installed in 2023, equivalent to 6.1 million average-sized solar panels, but fewer...[Read More]

Bill shock to ease as cost of power falls, solar shines

31 January

In a boost to household budgets, electricity supply costs are falling as coal and gas-fired generation hits a record low and renewable energy takes a bigger load. Every region notched a solar output record in the closing months of 2023 which...[Read More]