Phoenix Vivid Slimline Plus collection

23 December

The textural, earthen feel of Brushed Carbon creates mood and drama. Working beautifully with sophisticated tones, it brings visual excitement in both classic and modern settings. Although the brushed surface is refined, the statement this finish...[Read More]

Timberline Jazz Arch Shaver

23 December

The Jazz Arch Shaver is as much functional storage space as it is a gorgeous wall-hung accessory. If this doesn't give you bathroom envy, I don't know what will. #kewcobathroomproducts #bigpaplussomertonpark #bigaplussimplybetter #biga_plus...[Read More]

Caroma Liano II Pull Down Sink Mixer with Dual Spray

23 December

A kitchen statement you can’t help but appreciate. The Liano II Pull Down Sink Mixer with Dual Spray is the perfect balance of design and functionality for all your kitchen needs. #kewcobathroomproducts #bigpaplussomertonpark...[Read More]

How smart speakers ‘could detect domestic violence’

20 December

Enlisting thousands of smart speakers in Australian homes to detect intimate partner violence could be an “unprecedented opportunity” to help victims, a study has noted. But Monash University researchers found the potential solution was also...[Read More]

Caroma Urbane II Bidet Suite

19 December

From @caromaaustralia the Urbane II Bidet Suite. Enjoy the latest in toilet technology matched with a minimalistic design to go with the full Urbane II bathroom collection. This includes features such as LED nightlights, gender-specific washes,...[Read More]

ADP Clifton Vanity Unit

19 December

Coastal inspiration! The Clifton vanity from @adpaustralia brings the perfect amount of texture to any bathroom. Now available in ‘Tasmanian Oak’ the new Thermolaminated V-Groove Cabinet finish. The full Clifton range is available in 5...[Read More]

Phoenix Gloss MkII

19 December

Gloss MkII from @phoenixtapware is a refined collection that incorporates contemporary design trends with understated curves to create mixers that are both easy to use and visually appealing. This collection pairs perfectly with the Gloss...[Read More]

Oliveri Vilo tap in bright gold

19 December

One of @oliveri_solutions most popular design combinations. The Vilo tap in bright gold, with gold basket waste and the Santorini double bowl granite sink in white. #kewcobathroomproducts #bigpaplussomertonpark #bigaplussimplybetter...[Read More]

IXL Tastic Luminate Heat Module

19 December

Add a touch of luxury and style to your space with the Tastic Luminate Heat Module from @ixlappliances These Australian-made products are suitable for any space, think laundry, walk-in robe and work benches. #kewcobathroomproducts...[Read More]

Timberline Vanity Unit, Mirrors and Lighting

19 December

In the world of design, the black-and-white colour scheme is timeless. It’s a classic that will be spoken about indefinitely. This elegant solution from @timberlineaustralia embraces this everlasting trend. #kewcobathroomproducts...[Read More]

Caroma Liano II Pull Down Sensor Sink Mixer with Dual Spray

19 December

Improve your kitchen’s style and function with the Liano II Pull Down Sensor Sink Mixer with Dual Spray from @caromaaustralia This dual-function mixer combines traditional hot and cold operation with smart sensor activation, for a more...[Read More]

Why taking a break during the festive season is important

14 December

There are countless countdowns everywhere, whether it’s for Christmas or the new year, and yet, when the festive season happens, it always comes as a bit of a surprise.   Some people experience a touch of panic and get lost in the holiday rush....[Read More]

5 Tips to Save Money This Christmas

7 December

Christmas always brings with it a certain warmth and cheer, and yet these days, a lot of people are feeling the pinch financially. As Christmas approaches, people consider all the items they need to buy for friends and family. Because of the current...[Read More]

Households could halve electricity bills with upgrades

6 December

Australians living in older homes have the potential to halve their energy bills with fairly modest renovations, a study has revealed. The Climate-Ready Homes report, released by Monash University on Wednesday, found households could save as much as...[Read More]

Tips for a meaningful Christmas

30 November

Creating a Christmas filled with genuine warmth and joy often seems like a daunting task amidst the hustle of holiday preparations. The season of cheer can quickly turn into a flurry of stress, leaving many of us more relieved than regretful when...[Read More]