Things to consider when preparing your home for sale

25 January

Preparing your home for sale in Australia requires a mix of strategic planning, maintenance, and marketing savvy. The process is a multi-faceted journey that encompasses both practical and aesthetic elements. Taking the time to optimally prepare...[Read More]

10 brilliant money-saving tips

25 January

Are you looking to build up your savings for the future, but donā€™t know how or where to start? Check out these money-saving tips you can apply today. Ā  Whether youā€™re looking to save money for financial security, investment, a future purchase...[Read More]

5 ways to increase your property value

18 January

Your home is more than simply a place to unwind; itā€™s also an investment. If you plan to sell your property someday, increasing its value now can help you get a better return on your investment. Most people believe that increasing the value of a...[Read More]

What you need to know to successfully improve your home

11 January

Embarking on a home improvement can be an exciting and rewarding process. It can transform your living space and increase the value of your property. With so many informative videos and other great resources online, thereā€™s a thriving culture...[Read More]

Protect what you have

4 January

People strive hard to accomplish a variety of goals during their lifetime, although thereā€™s nothing more significant than being able to spend quality time in the company of family, friends and loved ones. Indeed, investing in relationships gives...[Read More]

10 ways to reduce your household energy use

4 January

As a homeowner, youā€™re likely aware of the increasing costs associated with household energy consumption. This is why cutting down on energy use can mean big savings. In addition to the financial benefits, reducing electricity use can help to...[Read More]

Achieving Your New Year Goals: A Realistic Approach

28 December

New Yearā€™s resolutions are a time-honoured tradition where people aim to make positive changes in their lives as the calendar flips to January 1st. While setting goals is easy, the real challenge lies in sticking to them throughout the year....[Read More]

Top 5 financial New Yearā€™s resolutions to achieve in the new year

28 December

The new year is a perfect time to reflect on your achievements from the ending year and to plan for the new year. While you can also make resolutions for other aspects of life, financial success should be at the top of your list. Check if you...[Read More]

The top 5 advantages of home ownership

28 December

Your decision to purchase a new house is a significant life event, and the thought of becoming a homeowner might be a little intimidating. However, homeownership brings with it several advantages, including the freedom to design your home as you...[Read More]

Phoenix Vivid Slimline Plus collection

23 December

The textural, earthen feel of Brushed Carbon creates mood and drama. Working beautifully with sophisticated tones, it brings visual excitement in both classic and modern settings. Although the brushed surface is refined, the statement this finish...[Read More]

Timberline Jazz Arch Shaver

23 December

The Jazz Arch Shaver is as much functional storage space as it is a gorgeous wall-hung accessory. If this doesn't give you bathroom envy, I don't know what will. #kewcobathroomproducts #bigpaplussomertonpark #bigaplussimplybetter #biga_plus...[Read More]

Caroma Liano II Pull Down Sink Mixer with Dual Spray

23 December

A kitchen statement you canā€™t help but appreciate. The Liano II Pull Down Sink Mixer with Dual Spray is the perfect balance of design and functionality for all your kitchen needs. #kewcobathroomproducts #bigpaplussomertonpark...[Read More]

How smart speakers ā€˜could detect domestic violenceā€™

20 December

Enlisting thousands of smart speakers in Australian homes to detect intimate partner violence could be an ā€œunprecedented opportunityā€ to help victims, a study has noted. But Monash University researchers found the potential solution was also...[Read More]

Caroma Urbane II Bidet Suite

19 December

FromĀ @caromaaustraliaĀ the Urbane II Bidet Suite. Enjoy the latest in toilet technology matched with a minimalistic design to go with the full Urbane II bathroom collection. This includes features such as LED nightlights, gender-specific washes,...[Read More]

ADP Clifton Vanity Unit

19 December

Coastal inspiration! The Clifton vanity fromĀ @adpaustraliaĀ brings the perfect amount of texture to any bathroom. Now available in ā€˜Tasmanian Oakā€™ the new Thermolaminated V-Groove Cabinet finish. The full Clifton range is available in 5...[Read More]